Karolann L. Hoetzle

Karolann has worked on drawings addressing many interests suitable for families, guys and gals of all ages. Although much of her work seems to focus on doing animal portraits, she very much enjoys drawing the world around her. She is inspired by “life” and endeavors to infuse it into her work whether it be a subject or rippling brook. Karolann has worked with oils and acrylic paints and graphite as well as ink, but having developed her own technique, she enjoys creating detail into her work using a colored wax pencil. Due to the demands of this medium a project becomes and commands part of Karolann’s life and may take over 100 hours to complete. While her attention is focused on reproducing creation, her joy comes from accomplishing what her Creator has gifted her to do, and being grateful for the ability to share it with others.

I was adopted and grew up with an innate sense of happiness whenever I was involved in the arts.  I’ve worked in theatre, recorded music and am a published author. However, I’ve found my greatest love is drawing and painting. On the last day of school in 2nd grade my art teacher, Mr Miller, sat me on his lap and asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My response, “an art teacher”!  This wonderful man was again my art teacher from grade 7 until I graduated from high school, and learned a great deal under his wing.Life caused a shift in responsibilities while I raised my children and attained a Masters in Christian Counseling.  Through the years I managed to stay involved with art and owned my own Graphic Art business, worked in advertising, printing, magazine publishing and crafting. In 2006 my daughter discovered that my biological family was searching for me online! Not only did I meet them, but discovered many were artists. Knowing God doesn’t make mistakes, at the age of 57 and inspired, I decided to begin drawing again.  I had never developed any ability or technique of my own and my initial sketches were simply lines on paper. A dear friend saw them and said, “keep drawing”.  I enjoyed it, so I did! From that wonderful advice and encouragement, I have been blessed to have developed an ability, technique and gift I now share with others. In addition, I have begun to experience another dream come true. I am teaching.  K